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Best Accident Ever

Title:Best Accident Ever
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings:slight fluff
Genre:fluffy romance <3
A/N: First time posting this entry!
Summary: It would've saved Minnie so much more time if he had just switched off that stupid brain of his and go the old fashion way...



Best Accident Ever


      “Sorry Jaejoongie-am I interrupting your shoot?” The receiver sounded off.

            “No, photographer is taking five so I’m on break. So what’s up Min-chan?” Jaejoong crossed an arm across his chest and lay down on the bed he was shooting on, looking up at the ceiling.

            “Ahhh…nothing hyung. Just wanted to check up on you and update you a bit.” There was a bit crackling on Min’s side and Jaejoong strained his ear to hear him.

            “What? I can barely hear you Min. Speak louder.”

            “I’m…just a bit though…don’t worry…” Jaejoong gave a sigh of annoyance. There were a few seconds of silence and the sound of cars whooshing past before Changmin’s voice could be heard again.

            “Sorry, we’re passing through a tunnel. I said to you before that I was coming back from the hospital. Just a few scratches, nothing to worry about. The staff members were just overreacting, I’m fine Joongie-really.” Changmin spoke fast before Jaejoong could interrupt.

            Jaejoong had sat up by now with his mouth a bit agape.

            “I’m fine Jaejoong, really.” Changmin answered, already knowing Jaejoong’s questions.

            “You sure you’re ok and everything?”

            “Yup. Positive. Honestly, just a few scratches.”

            “Ah, ok. Well, do you need me to pick up anything on my way back?” Jaejoong asked uselessly.

            “Mm…nope. I’m good.”

            “Ok, then take it easy until I get back. My break’s over so I’ll see you at home, ok?”

            “…Ok.” There was a bit of more crackling and muffled voices before the line went dead.

            “Was that Changmin?” One of the staff members asked.

            “Uh-huh. He said he got a few scratches here and there, but said he was fine and not to worry cause they’re not big.” Jaejoong answered and smiled.




      NOT A BIG DEAL!? You call that ‘not a big deal’!?” Jaejoong erupted.

Upon arriving back at their apartment, he had expected to see his Min-chan with a few small cute band-aids here and there. But nooo, he had walked right into the living room to see Changmin’s right arm and left ankle bundled heavily in white gauze with a few big bruises around.

            Changmin merely stared up at him doe-eyes with a spoon of min ice cream still in his mouth.

            “Well…it isn’t a big deal…”

            “When I asked if you were ok, what happened then??”  Jaejoong flailed his arms around.

            “See hyung, you asked if I was ok! And I am!” Changmin shrugged.

            “Oh don’t you be smart with me Shim Changmin! You knew perfectly well what I meant when I asked you that!” Changmin opened his mouth to retort.

            “Save it! You are not getting out of my sight until you’re completely healed!”

            “…Even when I have to pee?” Changmin did his cute wide-eyed stare but immediately looked down when Jaejoong sent him a death glare as in saying ‘I dare you to ask me that again.’ After a moment of glaring, Jaejoong sighed with his hands on his hips. Then, making Changmin start slightly, Jaejoong stooped down, arms out behind him.

            “…Uh…what are you doing hyung?”

            Looking over his shoulder, Jaejoong rolled his eyes.

            “What does it look like stupid? I’m giving you a piggyback ride to your room.”

            “I’m fine Joongie…really.”

            “Don’t you ‘Joongie’ me Min! Now get on my back!” When a few minutes had passed and there was still no Min-chan deposited on his back, Jaejoong clicked his tongue in annoyance.

            “Fine, play it the hard way baby.”

            Then Changmin felt the air rushing out of his lungs as his spoon dropped from his mouth.

            Jaejoong had easily scooped Changmin up and flung him over his shoulder like he was a sack of potatoes, walking down the hall.

            Changmin merely kicked his legs a bit, reaching out for his ice cream that was now out of reach, only stopping when Jaejoong’s nails dug deeper into his calves.

            With a bib plop, Changmin was sinking under all the blankets that Jaejoong was tucking him under.

            “I’m not sick Joongie! I’m only injured!” Changmin complained and started to remove the covers.

            “The injured need their rest to recover too!” Jaejoong said with an annoyed look, flicking Changmin’s forehead.

            “Jeez, now go to sleep. For being the injured, you still have a lot of energy to be fussy.” And with that, Jaejoong flicked off the lights and shut his bedroom door. With a bit of rustling, Changmin lay in bed, reading the clock and counting the number of glowing stars Junsu had taped to their ceiling.

            ‘It’ll be like looking at the sky!’ Junsu had said as he stood on top of Changmin’s bed.

            Sighing, Changmin reached his arm back and gave the wall behind him a few good knocks.

            Then after a few sounds of a bed creaking, Changmin could hear some stumbling, a crash, a cuss, and then one door open before his opened.

            “You knocked?” Yoochun looked at him, bleary-eyed.

            “It’s only nine pm Chun-ah, how come you’re sleeping so early?” Changmin opened his lamplight, dimming it to a faint glow.

            Junsu dragged me to play soccer with him, even though I know he just wanted to show off.” Yoochun raised his voice at the last part, intending for Junsu to hear from across the hall.

            “You got that right tangle-feet!” The two could hear Junsu yell from the PC room. He always made fun of Yoochun for being so clumsy when handling a soccer ball.

            “Well, am I supposed to entertain you until you go to sleep?” Yoochun asked, crawling to the spot net to Changmin.

            “Yup, since Jaejoong room-suspended me, I’m stuck here.” Yoochun laughed at this as Junsu came in.

            “You’re in my spot Chunnie-ah.” Junsu complained slightly.

            “Then we’ll share.” Yoochun said nonchalantly.

            “So how’d Jaejoong take your injuries?” Yoochun asked as Junsu rest in between his legs, playing with a hole in Yoochun’s pants.

            Actually, he kind of…exploded.” Changmin motioned with his hands.

            “Are-“ Yoochun was cut off when they heard Jaejoong return from the pharmacy.

            “Run!” Junsu whispered as they all laughed while Yoochun sprinted out of their room, tripping on a book in the process.

            Jaejoong entered the room right after Changmin had turned out the lights and was still in whispered laughs with Junsu.

            But as Changmin felt Jaejoong’s gentle fingers run through his hair, he immediately calmed from his laughing session with Junsu and soon fell asleep.




            Changmin could feel something was off from when he awoke. Slowly cracking his eyes open, he sat up straight when he saw a morning surprise.

            There in all his glory was Jaejoong in a pink heart-spotted apron, blowing on a spoon loaded with hot soup.

            “Ah, Changmin! Say ‘ahhh’!” Jaejoong slowly moved the spoon towards his mouth.

            “Hyung! What are you-“ He was cut off when hot soup was shoved into his mouth and he was forced to swallow.

            “Since you can’t feed yourself, I’ll be taking over until you’re fully recovered.” Jaejoong’s sweet smile scared Changmin a bit that all he could manage was a weak smile.

            “Ah, you don’t need-“Once again, he was cut off when more food was stuffed down his throat. Licking some soup off his lip, Changmin looked up at Jaejoong bewildered. He thinks Jaejoong was secretly enjoying himself. And indeed he was.

            After a several spoon feeds and pillow fluffs later, Jaejoong finally exited the room.




            “I’m bored Joongie-ah. Let me watch a movieee! Staying in this room is making me worse!” Changmin gave out his best puppy eyes until Jaejoong sighed.

            Picking him up, he brought him through to the living room where Yunho was watching TV. As soon as he saw Changmin being carried bridal-style by Jae, he chocked on his coffee and had to set it down while wiping his lip.

            “Yeaa, haha, sooo funny hyung.” Changmin sneered. Jaejoong smacked Yunho’s head.

            “Don’t laugh Yun-chan! One day you might be in that situation.” Changmin laughed but stopped abruptly when Jae then hit him on the head also.

            “Don’t laugh Min-ah, you’re in that situation now.” Jaejoong scolded both of them as they sunk further into the couch cushions.

            Once Jaejoong had left, Changmin sighed out heavily.

            “Hyung! Help me…Jaejoongie is being so fussy! This isn’t working…” Changmin trailed off, fingering the gauze of his right arm.

            “Aish, give it some time Changmin-ah. I don’t know; get him worked up over something. That usually works.” Yunho advised, still looking at the TV screen.

            “I can usually work him up over anything, the problem is how unexpected his responses are.” Changmin puffed his cheeks and looked down in defeat.

            “Jeez Minnie”, Yunho ruffled Changmin’s hair, “then just wing it. When there’s an open opportunity, take it. Or when his guards are down, that’s when you take the bait!” Yunho motioned with his hands of him snatching up a fish.

            Changmin just ‘ah’ed and nodded in understanding, hands crossed, staring into space at the same place Yunho was staring at.




For the next few days, Changmin was babied by Jaejoong more and more. Every day he’d wake up to Jaejoong shoving some type of food down his throat. Jaejoong followed him everywhere; to bed, to the couch, to dinner, to Yunho’s room, to the kitchen…even to the bathroom! Changmin’s patience was waning dangerously but Jaejoong seemed to take no notice.

            “Night Min-chan.” Jaejoong cooed one night, tucking the covers around him securely.

            “Night Joongie…” Changmin smiled brightly and waved as Jaejoong shut the door. As the door shut, Changmin kicked off the covers with his good leg and staggered to turn on the fan.

            Sighing in content, Changmin fell asleep to the comforting hum of the fan.



            And woke up to an angry Jaejoong blowing noisily on his soup.

            “Aish…hyung…you’re so noisy…” Woah…was that his voice? Changmin thought in surprise. He felt pretty cold even though he was under thousands of blankets.

            “Well, I wouldn’t be if you hadn’t turned on that damn fan and gotten yourself sick!” Jaejoong raged, chopping up his food with short, fierce strikes.

            “…Sorry hyung…but it was so hot…” Changmin retorted before Jaejoong roughly thrust soup under Changmin’s nose.

            After a few sneezes and coughs later, Changmin’s breakfast was finished. Just as Jaejoong was about to leave, Changmin decided to play with his Joongie.

            “Yah…Joongie?” Changmin drawled out sweetly.

            Pausing, Jaejoong turned around cautiously, not liking that voice Changmin was using.


            “Could you fluff my pillow? My nose is stuffy.” Sighing, Jaejoong poofed and prodded the pillows as Changmin tried his best at keeping weight off the pillows.

            “Anything else?” Mm…yup.

            “Yea, my book on the table.” Changmin pointed. Jaejoong’s hands flew up.

            “Which freakin one!? There’s millions of them you nerd!” Jaejoong exasperated. Changmin bit his lip to stop from smiling.

            “The one that says ‘Love is all I need’.” Changmin managed to get out.

            “Aish. Here.” Jaejoong tossed it to him. Then turned, looking at Minnie expectantly.

            “I’m thirsty.”

            Jaejoong exploded.

            “God! Fine, do you need anything else? Hmm?” Jaejoong rested his hands on his hips.

            Changmin shook his head, smiling. As Jaejoong was leaving, something clicked in his mind.

            “Actually, Jae-”

            “WHAT!?” Jaejoong spun around furiously but stopped when Changmin grabbed his wrist and tugged him sharply to the bed.

            Jaejoong’s breath hitched when he landed on top of Changmin. Minnie smiled up at the wide-eyes Jaejoong.

            “Actually”, he began again, “I need one more thing.” Changmin paused for suspense. Then, taking the back of Jaejoong’s neck, he pulled them closer.

            “…I need you.” He whispered darkly in a lower pitch. He saw Jaejoong’s eyes widen before his own closed and met Jaejoong’s soft full lips halfway.

            It was a gently, exploring and tentative kiss that left both of them stunned. Jaejoong’s hands just lay limply on Min-chan’s chest until his shock was over come by boldness. Struggling for dominance, Jaejoong pushed up onto his knees, hands sliding to Changmin’s face until Jaejoong was towering over him. Lifting his face more, all Changmin could do was comply and let his Joongie lead the entire time until the two had no air left.

            Drawing away, Changmin breathed heavily, waiting to catch his breath.

            “…I’m sick Joongie-ah.” Changmin breathed out. Jaejoong just looked at him with that cute lip-bite Min loved so much. Then he smiled darkly.

            “I don’t care.” And with that, Jaejoong pulled him in roughly for another round.






            Outside the bedroom, the three other members snickered softly as they listened to the entire fight. Standing away from the door, Yunho looked at the others smugly.

            “Changmin’s gags work every time.”

            Yoochun and Junsu just laughed.

            “You mean Jaejoong’s gags.” Junsu looked at Yunho expectantly.


            “All three of them stared at each other before shouts of laughter rang throughout the hallway.






            Inside the enclosed room, Changmin could’ve sworn he had heard Junsu’s euh-khyang-khyang resonate outside, but all thoughts of that melted away when Jaejoong nibbled his lip.


            ‘Yup. It was so worth getting injured for this’, Changmin thought.