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Surprised Neglect #1

Title: Surprised Neglect
Pairings: Jaejoong/Changmin
Ratings: PG
Warnings: None
Genre: Romance, Fluff
A/N: So...much...typing...T_T enjoy! ^^
Summary : Sometimes things take such a surprising turn...and just when you least expect it.




Surprised Neglect


      Soft and muffled clinks of dishware woke him up. The smell of freshly brewed coffee made him smile even more and stretch. Coffee was Saturday. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he softly padded down the hall, feet slapping against the cold marble floors.

            “Morning sleepy-head.” Changmin said without looking up. The others had also called out their greetings, but Changmin’s was the only voice he could make out at this time of day. Shuffling around the table, he swiftly stole Junsu’s half-eaten toast before seating himself on Changmin’s lap.

            Chewing, he sleepily looked down at Min. All Min merely did was reach around his body and locate the coffee mug. Rolling his eyes, he swallowed the toast and cleared his throat loudly.

            “Yes Jaejoong? I already said ‘morning’.” Changmin held his gaze for a bit, dropping it when Jae didn’t respond.

            “Yea, morning Min-chan.”

            “Where’s my ‘good morning’?” Junsu asked with his mouth full of burnt pancake.

            “Morning Su-channnn.” Jaejoong drawled out sweetly.

            Junsu shivered.

            “Ugh. Never mind.”

            Jae smiled before turning back around to Changmin.

            “Min-chan, I’m hungry.” Jaejoong whined.

            Changmin flipped a page.

            “Then go make yourself something, you’re the one who can cook.” Changmin brushed him off, skimming another page.

            Jaejoong pouted and snatched the paper out of Min’s hand, turning around so that his back was facing him.

            “Jae! Give it back!” Changmin huffed, reaching around and locking Jaejoong in a bear hug. Jaejoong just laughed, squirming before taking a section of the newspaper out and tossing the rest back to Min.

            “Jeez Min, I want to read the news too!” Jae stuck out his tongue and turned towards the table. Changmin sighed and glanced quickly at the section Jae was reading before going back to his own. Two seconds later, his eyes flew back to Jae, leaning to the side to get a better look at what he was reading.

            “The comic section? Oh, yeaa. That’s just jam-packed with information.” Changmin said in heavy sarcasm, rolling his eyes.

            “Well if it’s in the newspaper, it must have some type of news.” Jaejoong explained.       

            Changmin just shook his head, pushing back up his glasses that were slipping.

            “That section is for parents to give their sons when they won’t stop bothering them.” Changmin said, hinting the double-meaning tone he was trying to give off.

            Ha. Yup, Jae got it.

            Furrowing his brows, he looked back at the comics.

            Then Jae looked at Yunho annoyingly who was staring at them the entire time.

            “What?” Jae snapped grudgingly. Min’s constant nagging had put Jae in a faltering mood already.

            Yunho just shrugged and leaned his elbows on the counter top from the kitchen where he was frying up breakfast.

            “I just still can’t seem to make you guys out.” Jae raised an eyebrow.

            “Like…sometimes you act like quarreling lovers, or sometimes it switches to mother-son relationship. Then on others, it’s just plain friendship and others it’s overflowing with love.” Yunho explained with a spatula in his hands.

            Jae looked at him.

            “Mother-son?” Was all Jae could mutter out.

            “Yea, sometimes.”

            Looking from Changmin to Yunho, he pointed at Min and himself.

            “Who’s who?” Jaejoong asked hopefully.

            “Mother.” Yunho pointed to Changmin.

            Junsu shouted out a short burst of laughter as Jae pouted. Looking at Min, he now had a smile while reading.

            Letting out an angry puff of breath, he drained down Min’s coffee, wiping his mouth roughly before stomping out of the room.

            And that’s how Jae’s Saturday morning was ruined.




            For the next week, Min seemed preoccupied. His eyes always had a dazed look in them. During dance practice, he’d always make the wrong transitions, or forget his part during studio recordings. Instead of the light scolding that Jaejoong had expected Yunho to give him, all he did was pat Changmin’s head comfortingly.

            Thinking that maybe it was a family problem, Jae decided to help around to make him better.

            “Minnie-ah! I made kimchi fried rice! Come eat while it’s still hot.” Jae poked his head into Changmin’s room.

            Nose buried in a few books and papers, Min swatted his hand, still not looking up.

            “Later, I need to study.”

            Jaejoong pouted and was about to retort, but thought better of it.

            “Ok…well, do you want me to bring some to you?”

            “Nah, I’ll just heat it up later.”


_____And another time_____


            Jaejoong just walked into the living room to find Changmin on the couch watching ‘Monster-In-Law’ with Korean subtitles. His eyes wouldn’t even blink! They were like two glassy marbles reflecting the blue shine of the TV. With the rest of his body curled under a blanket, Jae started going under the covers too.

            “Hyung, you’re feet are too cold, get your own blanket.” Jaejoong made a sad face.

            “But yours are already warm; my feet will warm up faster.” Jae inwardly smiled when Changmin accepted his sad pouty face.

            ‘Still got it’, Jaejoong thought smugly. But even so, once Jae got under the covers, Changmin inched away from him, backing into the side of the couch.


_____Then another time_____


            Autumn was turning into winter soon and the weather was getting cold fast. So that’s why when Jaejoong came out of the shower with just sweatpants on, he began to shiver furiously. Shuffling like a scrunched up penguin, he pushed past Yoochun’s weird stare at him and pushed open Changmin’s room with the nudge of his foot.

            “Mi-Min-chan…” Jaejoong stuttered, shivering as cold droplets from his hair dripped slowly down his back. Changmin was sitting on his bed, looking at a small box, but quickly shoved it under the pillows as soon as Jaejoong came. But he was too cold to care what that was.

            “What is it Joongie?” Min looked him up and down, raising an eyebrow at his attire.

            “Can you blow dry my hair?” Jaejoong’s teeth chattered.

            “What? Too cold to dry your own hair?” Jaejoong merely nodded. Usually, Changmin wouldn’t even question him; he’d just smile and ruffle his hair. There was a slight of his heart when he heard Changmin sigh annoyingly.

            “Alright, come here.” Changmin gave in.

            Tugging one of his shirts onto Jaejoong, he turned on the blow-dryer and gently tugged his fingers through Jae’s soft hair. Jaejoong wasn’t sure what was wrong with Changmin, but all thoughts of that faded away when he fell asleep to the soft strokes of Min’s hands.


_____And another time_____


            “Minnieee, can you go with me to the snack store?” Jaejoong climbed onto his bed, shaking his foot.

            “No”, was Changmin’s blunt answer.

            “But Minnie!” Jae continued to shake the bed, making it impossible for Changmin to sleep.

            “Jae…it’s 1 AM…don’t you think you should be sleeping?” Changmin hissed out annoyingly in a tired voice.

            “But I had coffee! And you know how coffee makes me.” Jaejoong whined.

            Turning onto his stomach, Min buried his face into the pillows.

            “Then how about be smart and not drink coffee?” Jae just hit his leg.

            “Please Minnie!”

            Jaejoong continued to creek the bed, using a continuous whining tone.

            “God Min! Just go with his so that he’ll shut up!” Junsu yelled from his bed, smacking a pillow to Jaejoong’s head.

            To quiet his roommate’s complaining, he gave a cry of annoyance before getting up slowly and walking down the hall towards Yunho’s room.

            “Minnie!” Jae shouted.

            “Hold on! I need to ask Yunho…” His voice trailed off.

            “Ask what!?” Jae shouted, craning his neck to see further out the door.

            “…questions.” Changmin replied.

            “Well dub! I meant what-” But he abruptly stopped when he heard a door close noisily. Glaring, he squeezed one of the pillows to death by hugging it.

            “What?” Jaejoong snapped when he caught Junsu looking at him quietly.

            Shrugging, Junsu just turned towards the wall, murmuring for him to turn off the damn lights.