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Title: Oops
Pairings: Jaejoong/Yunho
Ratings: PG
Warnings: None
Genre: romance, fluff
A/N: I think it was a bit...offish...meh, haha.
Summary: 'I'm totally forgetting something...aren't I?"





            “Yunho! Yunho! Welcome back!”

            “How does it feel to be back in South Korea?”

            “Did you miss your members?”

            “How was the shooting? Can you tell us about it?”

            “U-Know Yunho just smiled politely at all the cameras and interviewers.

            “Ah, I’m excited to be back and missed my members a lot.” Short and sweet.

            Waving at the cameras, he ducked the familiar big blue car. Looking around, his spirits fell a bit. He had expected them to welcome him home. Maybe even Jaejoong or Changmin at the very least. But none had come. Shrugging the feeling off, he chatted nicely with the crew member that was driving him until he was dropped off at his apartment.

            “Thank you! See you soon.”

            Lugging his baggage in through the entrance, Yunho quickly went up the elevators and through the hallway until his apartment room was seen.

            ‘Home.’ Yunho smiled as he swung open the doors.

            “Ah! Hyung, welcome home!” Changmin was first to see him, getting up off the couch and hugging Yunho strongly.

            Chuckling, Yunho looked Min-chan over.

            He grew taller.


            Looking back around, the two of them dragged Yunho’s luggage into his room. As he was unzipping his suitcase, Yoochun and Junsu had come in, greeting him.

            “So what’d I miss? Update me.”

            Kicking around one suitcase, he opened another, tossing a bunch of dirty shirts into the laundry bin.

            “Ok, the biggest-” Junsu began.

“Wait…where’s Jaejoong?” Yunho asked. That’s why it had been so quiet. Joongie wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“Mm…he might be in his room?” Changmin asked and looked over at Yoochun who just shrugged.

“I was in your room with Junsu.”

“It’ll be easier if I just go and check.” Pushing up on his thighs, Yunho sighed and walked down to Jaejoong’s room.

“Joongie?” Yunho knocked. After no sound, he opened the door and found a bed with a big lump. Smiling, he crept to the side and peeked. Jaejoong appeared as if sleeping. That is until he peeked an eye open and after seeing Yunho, shut them with furrowed brows. Turning towards the wall, Yunho frowned at Jaejoong’s actions.

“Hey…what’d I do so bad that I don’t get a welcome hug?” Yunho pouted and shook Jaejoong’s shoulder in a whining manner.



            “What month is it?” Was that a trick question? Yunho thought quickly.

            “…January…” Yunho still didn’t get it.

            “How old am I?” Jaejoong spoke grudgingly under the covers that hid his entire body and face.



            Yunho panicked.

            “Huh? Yea, you’re 22…it’s 2009 and January was…” Yunho trailed off as realization dawned on him. The he sucked in a harsh breath.

            He had forgotten Jaejoong’s 23rd birthday.

            Forgotten! Not even a thought! Didn’t even call!

            “Shit…” Yunho cursed under his breath then looked down at the bundle of his Joongie.

            Sitting on the bed up against the Joongie lump, Yunho patted him. Then leaning over, he tried to get a glimpse of Jaejoong’s face. All that was visible was Jae’s eyes and up. But just like a clam, after seeing Yunho, he immediately slid his face completely into hiding.

            “Joongie…I’m so sorry! I was…I don’t know how I could’ve ever forgotten! I guess I was just so busy-”

            “Too busy to call.” Joongie’s muffled voice came out.

            “No…I mean…I’m so sorry Jaejoong-ah…” Yunho finished off lamely.

            He was met by silence.

            Rubbing his face over tiredly, Yunho sighed.

            “How about this. We can spend an entire day together and go wherever you want.” Yunho felt as if he were bargaining with a little kid.

            “That’s what the others did.” Jaejoong mumbled. Yunho glared at the wall, imagining that it was the face of his members.

            “Then how about a gift of any sort?” Yunho bit his lip.

            “They did that too.”

            Now Yunho was imagining the wall as a punching bag.

            “Then I’ll do anything you ask me to do.” Yunho shook the Joongie lump.

            After a few seconds of silence, a puff of black hair hesitantly emerged.


            Yunho smiled.

            “As much as your heart desires.”




            “Happy birthday Minnie!” The four members piled into Changmin’s room, creating an early morning racket.

            Looking up sleepily, Changmin rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand and smiled. If they hadn’t been his hyungs, he would’ve gone straight back to sleep. But Min being Min, it was programmed in his system to treat his hyungs well. Pushing onto his elbows, he made a dramatic surprised face when Joongie set a tray of enormous breakfast dishes across his stomach.

            “How does it feel to officially be able to drink?” Yoochun mocked in an interview voice, holding his fist out to Changmin.

            One corner of his mouth lifted.

            “Well…you guys used to just buy me the drinks…” Changmin started until Yoochun slapped his hand over Minni’es mouth.

            “To officially Min, officially. Man are you slow in the mornings.” Yoochun teased.

            “I know! And you talk so loud in your sleep!” Junsu complained from the foot of his bed.

            “Aish, stop pestering the birthday boy!” Jaejoong fussed at the two. Turning back to Changmin, he kissed him on the cheek and ruffled his hair.

            “Happy 21st Min-chan.” Now that is a sincere birthday wish. Smiling, Changmin thanked him. Then popping in from the side, Yunho hugged Changmin endearingly. He didn’t want to cry, but just seeing his Changmin all grown up from the first time he saw his at 16 was touching.

            “Tonight, we’ll celebrate!”




            “Come on Yunho! Hurry up!” The others called as the birthday cake was being lit. Calling out from half way down the hall, he jumped over a pile of clothes and entered his room.

            The morning previous to this day, Yunho had been wrapping the gifts of Changmin and Jaejoong. He had thought that he would just give Jaejoong’s gift to him afterwards when the others were all asleep.

            So looking around lastingly, he grabbed Changmin’s gift off his desk and flicked off the lights, running back into the living room.

            “Finally Yun-chan! The candles are almost going out!” Singing a quick and, of course, harmonized birthday song, Changmin blew out the candles.

            “Gift! Gift!” Junsu hollered.

            Taking and opening gifts from around the table, Yunho contemplated on his gift, wondering if it really was the right choice.

            His thought bubbles were burst when his present was snatched and Changmin was unwrapping his careful wrapping job.

            ‘I mean…I’m sure he’d like it…there’s nothing wrong.’ Yunho thought confidently.

            Then, Changmin pulled out Yunho’s present, smile stamped onto his face.

            Yunho’s face dropped in gape.

            Jaejoong goggled him.

            The others laughed.

            Changmin blushed.

            “Eh…huh…he…thanks Yunho…just what I needed.” Changmin strangled out, coughing to hide his blushing tone.

            Junsu and Yoochun just hollered with laughter.

            “Yea Yunho! I mean, it’s about time our little Minnie got some!” Junsu raised his voice at the end, swiftly ducking a slap in the back of the head.

            Yunho just hesitantly smiled, nodding in a subconsciously dazed way.

            ‘Damn…’ he thought.

            All he could do was stare at the pair of bright silver handcuffs and hot pink blindfold that Min was holding limply.

            Then he subtly glanced at Jaejoong, blocking out the noises of the others.

            He was blinking, arms hanging limply at the sides of his chair, feet planted firmly on the ground.

            He must of somehow accidentally grabbed Jaejoong’s present instead when he was in such a hurry.

            ‘I’ll…need to have a small chat with Changmin later.’ Was all Yunho thought.




            As the last dishes were being cleaned, everyone was ready to go to bed. Just as Jaejoong was rinsing out one final cup, he glanced up. Looking down the hallway, he glared when Yunho knocked quietly on Changmin’s door before entering. As the door closed, a few moments later, it opened again and Junsu was shoved outside with the door closing once again.

            Righting his shirt, Junsu spots Jae from across the hall and winks at him.

            “Looks like Min-chan’s going to try out his new toys tonight.” Junsu said, winking. He didn’t get to respond as Junsu walked away groggily, going into Yoochun’s room. Passing by Changmin’s room, Jaejoong paused when the door opened. Yunho came out halfway until he spotted Jae right there and started a bit. Taking the door, Yunho closed it quickly so only his top half was seen. But even if he was trying to be discrete, Jaejoong could see him fumbling with an item and a second later he could hear Changmin give a grumble of pain.

            “Ah! Ah…Joongie-ah…what are you doing here? It’s…such a random place to be.” Yunho stumbled, laughing nervously. Jaejoong looked back and forth from the hallway, holding his hands out slightly.

           “yea...the hallway. Totally random.” Jaejoong bit out. Not caring anymore, he began shuffling down towards his room.

            “Ah! Jae-chan!” Yunho called out.

            “What?” Jae turned the corner and continued walking.

            “Tonight…at midnight, go to the roof ok?” Though Jaejoong couldn’t see it, Yunho was fidgeting immensely.

            Pausing in his tracks, Jae concentrated at the wall.

            “…Ok…” Smiling a bit, he bit his lip and shut his bedroom door quietly.




            After the last lights had been turned out, Jaejoong waited until his clock struck exactly at midnight. Then in a hasty manner, he flung off his blankets and slipped out the door quietly…after he tripped on a few dirty clothes, of course. Sprinting to the top of their apartment complex, Joongie waited a moment to catch his breath before opening the door.

            The wind blew at him immediately, creating ripples along his thin shirt and a quiet flapping sound from his pajama bottoms. Rubbing his arms, he shook his hair out of his face before looking around. His heart fell a bit when nothing and nobody was there. Just the quiet city lights and distant sounds of motorcycles in the air were with him. That is until his ear caught up on the sound of a clank and a muttered cuss.

            Turning, Jaejoong walked around the small blocked off area that he came from and peeked on the other side. He forgot how cold he was just then.

            There, Yunho stood, nursing the candles that were begging to burn out. His hair was in his eyes, body bent over, and in old pajamas. But Jaejoong thought he looked absolutely handsome.

            From the corner of his eye, Yunho must of spotted Jae, for he straightened up quickly with a sheepish grin.

            “I ah…I ran out of ideas…but you always said how it’d be cool to sleep under the stars and stuff…” Yunho said above the wind.

            Jae just laughed when a gust of wind blew and wiped out the tiny candles. Yunho stood there looking until he chuckled along with Jae.

            “I knew something would go wrong.” Yunho shook his head. Then, going around Jae, he fumbled with a few cables before a click was heard.

            Then suddenly, spiraling throughout and surrounding the roof handlebars were thousand of white Christmas lights softly glowing into the night.

            “Plan B.” Yunho stated smartly.

            Taking Jaejoong’s hand, he settled them both onto the makeshift bed full of bean bags, pillows, and lots of warm blankets. The wind constantly gave off gentle breezes here and there, but with the two huddles underneath for warmth, they hardly even noticed.

            “So…about your birthday present.” Yunho started. Jae broke his haze away from the velvet starry sky to look up at him.


            “Well…you see. I’d kind of gotten yours and Changmin’s gifts mixed up. They were both the same size!” Yunho took out the poorly wrapped gift.

            Jaejoong grasped it and began to open up the wrapping.

            “But you already know what it is…so it’s not really a surprise.” Ignoring him, Jae opened the box and feigned surprised pleasure.

            “Yunho! I love it so much! Thanks, it’ll be so useful.” Jae smiled, pecking him on the cheek. Blushing, Yunho reached around to put the box away and bring Jae closer.

            “I’m sorry I forgot about your birthday.” Yunho murmured into his ear, sleep taking him over.

            “That alright, it’s the present that counts.” Jae laughed after he earned a half-hearted slap on the chest from Yunho.

            Sighing, Jaejoong curled up into Yunho, lips reaching Yunho’s ear.

            “Besides…we’ll make use of my present tomorrow.” Jae whispered in a low and tempting voice, receiving a shiver out of Yunho.

            Humming in content, Yunho hugged Jae even closer.

            “Mmkay…I’m on top this time though.”



i cant believe he switched the presents!!! That must be so embarrassing....i was wondering why he gave those to changmin XD id love to read anything else ud want to post :D
lol, thanks ^^ you can check out my site which has a few other posts up ^^